High Quality Replica Watches Hublot Replica Cheap Hublot Big Bang East Coast Replica Watch Ref. 301.SB.133.RX

Cheap Hublot Big Bang East Coast Replica Watch Ref. 301.SB.133.RX

Everything about the Cheap Hublot Big Bang East Coast Replica Watch  – 301.SB.133.RX screams ‘summertime’. And that’s no coincidence. Miami is the city of the endless summer, where residents expect nearly 250 days of sunshine each year. The East Coast celebrates the Miami sun with judiciously-applied yellow highlights. The chrono hand, the detailing on the small seconds and chrono counters, and the casebands are all picked out in the kind of yellow you can only get away with in the heat. But—and here’s the clever thing about the Big Bang East Coast—you never get too much of a hit of it. This is a watch that wears Miami’s heart on its dial, and on the Kevlar inserts sandwiched between the front bezel and the caseback, but it doesn’t force the issue. Unless, of course, you wear it on the yellow natural rubber strap. Then, the effect is similar to a nuclear explosion.
Welcome to Miami… Down here on the East Coast, where supercars line Ocean Drive, there’s a place no luxury watch fan can afford to ignore: East Coast Jewelry, a family-owned luxe boutique that’s been a Miami institution since 1986. It’s so famous it has its own clothing line. You could walk out of the Collins Ave branch of East Coast Jewelry and be on the beach in seconds, sporting a brand-new Hublot and a branded ‘EC Luxe’ cap.

To understand the Hublot Big Bang ‘East Coast’, you need to understand that here in Miami, there are only two places: the club, and the beach. So drop the top on your Huracan Spyder, turn up the speakers, and prepare to meet the coolest Big Bang on earth.

Originally supplied with two straps—an insanely bright yellow one, for the beach, and a more conservative black one for the clubs—the Hublot Big Bang ‘East Coast’ was created in 2006 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of East Coast Jewelry. The store was involved in the design process, so it’s safe to assume that father Michael Yampolsky, or son Bobby Yampolsky, had some input. What they came up with, in tandem with Hublot Big Bang Replica Watch  own design team, is a luxury watch that oozes high-end cool from every milled and polished pore.

The bezel is beautifully polished black ceramic on top, and finely textured on the side. This texture carries a nice echo of the carbon-fibre dial through from the watch face to the case—and also recalls the texturing on the strap. Both black and yellow versions of the Hublot strap are secured with a folding Hublot clasp in steel.

The front and rear elements of the 44 mm case are in stainless steel, and both dial and movement are viewed through sapphire glass. Look through the exhibition caseback, and you’ll see the Hublot chronograph movement with its skeletonised tungsten rotor. You’ll also see the limited edition dedication: ‘East Coast’ on the crown side of the caseback, and ‘1986 2006’ on the far side.

Some luxury watches are collector’s items through and through. Hublot only produced 100 of the Big Bang ‘East Coast’ (ref. 301.SB.133.RX), and that fact alone makes this a timepiece that fans of the brand will need to own. This is at once a sports watch classic, a conversation starter, and a piece of Miami history. Put the yellow strap on, and turn a few heads on your way to the beach.

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The Big Bang has never been a retiring watch, but the Hublot Replica Watch (which is known affectionately to Miami residents as the ‘Mellow Yellow’) manages to walk the line between ostentatious luxury sports watch and restrained casual piece. The dial, for instance, is beautifully textured thanks to the chequered carbon fibre pattern, which adds both a sporty feel and a nice smart-casual detail. The bold Arabic numerals alternate with marker indices, again a well-measured compromise between the out-and-out sports look of the Arabic numbers and the restraint of the indices. Hour and minute hands and hour markers are lumed well.

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